Photo series by Kiran Tasneem, a British born multi-media artist of a Pakistani decent.

Kiran’s project ‘Identity’ uses self-portraiture and traditional Islamic dress to reference the stages of covering that are prominent in Islamic countries. Representing the contrast from the West to the East, the subject gradually blends into the background. The audience is asked to consider how the identity of women in Islamic culture is shaped by the limitations they face.

This project was a result of Kiran’s passion for female identity and her culture.

“I began this project by researching both of these topics, the project started with me interviewing both male and females and asking a series of questions about gender roles, I then linked their answers to the Quran and Islamic teachings but this was not enough, what I was producing was not engaging the audience in the way that I wanted my work to. I had a clear vision in my mind so from that point I began researching different cultures and that's how my project came together. I wanted to create a subtle yet engaging project that creates conversations”.

More of Kiran’s work can be seen on https://www.kirantasneem.co.uk/

Photography: Kiran Tasneem


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